When I mention that I teach middle school math, people often look at me and cringe while mentioning how they were never good at math.  Why is it that so many people have a fear of math and think they cannot do it?  It is my theory that the reason so many people feel this way is because of the way they learned math.  We have a world filled with visual learners, yet math is taught with paper and pencil and lots of rote practice.  Math students’ across the country are doing math, but how many are understanding math?  Probably not many.  So how do we as teachers reach our students and get them to fully understand these difficult concepts?  Well that is the reason I am starting this blog.  I have been a middle school math teacher for 14 years and have made it my mission to get my students to not just “do” math, but to understand math.  I do this by providing visuals and hands-on lessons to aid in students understanding.  I am writing this blog for all the math teacher out there who are searching for ways to make their math lessons hands-on with a focus on true understanding.  I hope you enjoy!